Automotive Aluminum Recycling Rate Over 90%, says study

Ford F-150 Recycling

In brief: According to a study from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Center for Resource Recovery and Recycling, shows that from "grave to gate" the automotive industry recycles about 90 percent of its aluminum.

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The "grave to gate" analysis spans the period of time from when an automobile becomes obsolete to its aluminum metal being completely recycled into new items as input materials. The research cites a "concerted effort to recover this valuable lightweight commodity from end-of-life vehicles."

The peer-reviewed study found that although aluminum usage in cars and trucks is fast on the rise, its recycling rate is rising as well, rather than falling. Recycling is often attributed to being a part of supply chain security for many manufacturers, who often source materials from recyclers as part of their materials input plans.

The study also found that the average (weighted) material collection rate for end-of-life vehicles that flow through a dismantling operation and downstream separation system is 99.7 percent. This means that very little of the vehicle is wasted.

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The study was funded by the Aluminum Association and published in the public domain. See it here: Automotive Aluminum Recycling at End of Life: A Grave-to-Gate Analysis.

Photo credits: Ford

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