Consumer Reports Tells Tesla To Ditch "Autopilot" Name

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In brief: Consumer Reports is calling on Tesla Motors to disable the automatic steering function in Model S and X vehicles until they can confirm that the system notes whether the driver's hands are on the wheel. They also have asked the company to stop using the "Autopilot" name until the function is truly autonomous and safe.

The word

Consumer Reports has owned and tested three Tesla vehicles, raking them well; especially the Model S P85D. They have also been known to point out reliability issues with their owned vehicles.

Federal safety officials are investigated crashes involving Tesla's Autopilot system, which the company rolled out in "beta." The company insists that the fact that the Autopilot system is not considered fully functional is repeatedly told to consumers upon activating it. Yet Consumer Reports is contending that the name "Autopilot" alone "gives consumers a false sense of security.. we're deeply concerned that consumers are being sold a pile of promises about unproven technology."

Finally, CR is demanding that Tesla stop issuing "beta releases" of critical vehicle software.

And so ...

Tesla defended the safety record of the system, writing that "130 million miles have been driven on Autopilot, with one confirmed fatality."

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